Friday, 7 December 2018


today i finished my koru design. we had to draw it on paper and then we has to Scribble at the back of our drawing. then we wrapped our paper around this card bored circle then trace our koru design onto it. after we did that we had to paint it too look good. to be honest mine looks average but if i had more time it would look way better than it does now.  the meaning of my design is life

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Bedmas stands for brackets,exponents,divide,multiplication,addition,subtraction

Bedmas is an acronym to help remember an order of operations in algebra basics. acronym is an aobreviation formed from the inital letters of words and pronounced as a word 

6 - 9 divided by 3 (9 x 6) =
 so what we do first is the brackets cause its the closest one to the top so
(9 x 6) = 54 then we have to do the next one on the list. So now we have to do the divided by cause its the most closest to the top that we can see 6 - 9 divided by 3  = 54. 9 divided by 3 =3 so then its
6 - 3 x 54. so we do 3 x 54 = 162 then 6 - 162 = -156

Friday, 24 August 2018

Nelson madala

This week we have been learning about nelson mandela this is some facts that i have found out hope you enjoy