Friday, 2 March 2018

Visual Mihi

Here is my visual Mihi its a visual representation of me. in the bottom right corner is the Maori flag because I'm Maori. the top right corner is fortnite my favourite game even tho i dont have a ps4 my uncles do. top left is my YouTube channel the name is boss hoeta go subscribe if you want. bottom left is black ops 2 i always play this game on my ps3 and its lit. i always trickshot on that game. hope you like my visual mihi   

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Niue group dance

Today at assembly we watched the Niuean group do there performance for Niuean language week.
they did cool dances and other stuff like that. When they finished the first part the boys came out for the haka it was a mean as haka i really enjoyed that. then they finished there performance it was short but it was cool 

Mr Wisemen Garageband

today after the school assembly Mr Wisemen gave us a quick tutorial about Garageband. So first we watched a small clip of the pirate of the caribbean. so like we watched a little bit of the video then he said listen to the music. He played the video but then went on a new tab. we listened to the whole thing then he said what instruments could you hear. we could hear violins and other stuff like that. then he opened the presentation with the real tutorial and showed us stuff then he played some sounds we clapped cause it sound cool. that was all that happind then we got to do it 

Fear well miss Vani

sadly miss Vani had to leave point England school. we all felt sad that she is leaving but she is now going to be a boss at a job. I forgot where her work is going to be but i hope it will be a great job for her. we also sang her a song