Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Middle Kapahaka from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Planning: Paragraph One: I was feeling shy because the boys had to wear a pareu but it was short . Luckily it was not cold at all. Me and Russell and we did not need our jumpers. My group and I were going hard just one person just one did not go hard. I think that our performers was cool . Paragraph Two: My favorite item was my group and hip hop. My favorite part about hip hop was there music and there dancing. my favorite part is about my group is the haka. my mum and my dad and my aunties and my friend wich is my aunt's friend said that my performance was cool and ther said that i did the haka good Paragraph Three: I am going to be in kapahaka again next time

Thursday, 3 April 2014

leaning how to swim

Planning / Writing Frame: Introduction: some reasons why to learn how swim . I am going to explain three. reasons for lining how to swim Do you know how to swim ?Learning how to swim is important. there are Paragraph Two: one of the reasons is go to the pools and get tough by an instructor the instructor will help you to swim and you will need to maybe go there for five weeks .And then you will know how to swim. Paragraph Three: when you know how to swim you should go for a swim i. you should go to the beach and its a really really really hot day you should go for a swim? If you don t go for a swim you should go for a cold shower Conclusion: learning how to swim is important because you can drown you .should go to your local pools and ask them can you give some swimming lossinsons so you don't drown and you can go deep like me