Friday, 30 May 2014

Fishy First Aid

Fishy First Aid pril of rocks because he was swimming in circles grab mckerrow carefully fliced the Sentence: Have you ever done first aid on a fish?

Friday, 23 May 2014


yesterday in c.r.e we made scroll

the night the light went out

title the night the lights went out 1. Why were Sarah and Scott unhappy? because there is no tv and no tea 2. How were they going to have tea? they but the pot by the fire 3. What was fun about the lights going out? because they were having fun We need light during the day and night time. Here is my venn diagram that shows the differences and similarities of light.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

the rescue

Ann walked to school because she missed the school bus. She walked across the paddock to take a short cut. First she had to climed over the fence. Ann ran across the grass and when she came to a wooden bridge she almost slipped. Ann saw a mother sheep calling for it’s lamb. A lamb is a baby sheep. The lamb was bleating and stuck in a pool of icy water. Ann picked up the lamb and carried it to his mother. Then Ann carried on to school.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

sink or foat

the cabin in the hills

1. Describe in one sentence what did they do to try and get the possum out of the cabin clapping loud 2. Explain where you think possums live i think the possums live in the woods Click here for your activity Title: The Cabin in the Hills Sentence: Have you read this story before? Here are some pictures and parts of the story for you to read.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

my amazing holiday

in my cool holiday i stayed home and played my uncle moses ps3 the game that i was playing is ?Saints row the third i just knock people out. but my uncle said Do the mission s . i did the missions i was flying after a guy in halley copder. I finished the mission i got heaps of money i got 9.00000 bucks . now i got 10. 00000 bucks i bought me a ninja suit and i even bought a bandana so i have? A ninja suit and a bandana so for my clothing .Is a ninja suit and a purple bandana and purple shoes and black glasses the i had dinner . I ask is this KFC and my uncle moses said yes but its my way of making KFC then i was finished my food. And i said thank you uncle moses then i played the game again. This mission was my favorite mission you have to go in to this place and knock the aimed mascots. And enemies out the place for the mission is like a obcececores. But i had to do this mission ten times because i get knocked out from the side. but then i did not forget that i got kock from the side.then i knock them out then the mascots was hard but i won the mission. i got 100 bucks now i'm a billion year i brought me a fast car and it goes fast as that i crashed but i found a race then i signed up for it and i won

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

the cabin in the hills

Answer the following questions:
1. Who slept on the top bunk last time?
2. How did they know something was in the cabin?
caue ben heard something moving about
3. Why did they need to be careful?
because they can fall over in the dark

Dad, Mitch and Ben had to  hurry__________ to the cabin because it was getting dark. It was Mitch’s turn to sleep on the __top___________ bunk. ben______________ heard something moving in the cabin. Dad went into the cabin, shone the ___torch____________ and saw two __shining eyes___________.