Thursday, 30 April 2015

year five and six camp

Last week on wednesday it was the year 5 and 6 camp.this is the teams Matapono E The Real DealZ Honest Squad and
Commitments., all stars i'm in the Real DealZ. The first thing we did was kayaking this is how  got in your left front then your  bum then you right front and you have to copy the person

in front of you then we did that then when  we got back we went on the power  boat  then when we had to go back i whent on the single Kayak i went far as away then it took me a long time to get back but i did then i play in the. Sand and then we had a swim in the beach then we had lunch  then we .Had to get dressed in to our togs then

we went to the Gi pools we
had to swim in the cold and big pool i went under the water and then came back up  i love going under water so every time i'm at the pools i go under the water its like you're flying then we had to get

out of the then we had to get dress then we walked back to school
then i climb then all of us had to go and brush our teeth then get in to a pjames and then the whole teams hand to go into a class and watch the lego movie

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

term 2 tinkering tools and toys

This term our topic is all about Technology We are trying to solve a problem that relates to our everyday life at school we are going to play 

my holiday Highlight

In the holidays i went to my cousins house. We were bored so we made names for us my name was Franklin cousin was Tony and my other cousin was C.j. then we made up this cool as game called bang this is how you play. you have to  play rock paper scissors then who

loses is in and they have to count to 20 and the people that is not in has to hide and we get gus and unfinerdiey amo and then the begins me and my cousins play rock paper scissors i
won and my cousin C.j  won and my cousin Tony was in me and my cousin c.j was hiding i up
in the tree it was a big and tall tree and my cousin C.j hid on top of the house i was hy as of the ground cousin Tony could not see me i said bang and he looked everywhere and i said

bang he looked up how did you get up there climbed up where's C.j im not telling you how are
you going to get down i'm going to ha ha if you fall and i jump right off and he got a fright and i said ha ha ha ha. your not funny i’m going to cry now and then C.j said bang and tony said oh no oh no no no no i’m in again and then tony counted again to 20 then me and C.j me and him
was hiding i hid behind tony he did not see me and C.j hid on the roof but his gun was point his

gun at the top of Tony's head when he got to 20 we both said bang he got a big as fright he was screaming so loud he got into trouble he was like i don’t want to play now then do you won’t to play free runing? no how bout now? no!!!! how bout now? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck man what na i don’t want to play and then c.j says i don’t want to play as well i felt happy