Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Blindfold Game

Guess what? In the morning my literacy class played the blindfold game.You will need a blindfold a bowl of rice 20 safety pins and that's it this is how you play you just gotta feel for safety pins and that's it i got 2 pins and my friend andrew got 15.

Miss Lavakula put on a timer it was for one minute only  and then we got to feel for the safety pins The safety pins feel like rice. it was hard to tell the difference between the rice and the safety pins. our literacy class got put into six groups i felt happy but it was challenging and nevs

my favorite part during the game was when someone grabbed handful of rice and safety pins just dumped on the paper and hated it was funny but that was not fear because he cheated the funny part is when he grabbed it and then dumped it just dumped it hehehehehehehe that was so funny  just funny

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  1. good work germaine your work is cool but i dont know i was not here