Friday, 2 March 2018

Visual Mihi

Here is my visual Mihi its a visual representation of me. in the bottom right corner is the Maori flag because I'm Maori. the top right corner is fortnite my favourite game even tho i dont have a ps4 my uncles do. top left is my YouTube channel the name is boss hoeta go subscribe if you want. bottom left is black ops 2 i always play this game on my ps3 and its lit. i always trickshot on that game. hope you like my visual mihi   


  1. nice post cant wait to play fortnite with you after school

  2. Kia ora Germaine, Great job on your visual mihi and well done to on giving your mihi to Team 5 at assembly - Tino pai! What is the secret to a good trickshot when you are on Playstation? I think your visual mihi is going to look awesome printed out and on our walls in Room 2.

  3. Mean...My favourite part of your visual mihi is your youtube thing cool as.