Tuesday, 19 May 2015

the chocolate game

Walt: Recount our experience of the Chocolate Game
Have you played the chocolate game Before?  Our reading class played the chocolate game.  

I will tell you how to play and what you need. You will need one piece of clothing and five accessories and a dice. You need to
roll a six but you have to have at least five people and a fork and Knife and a block of chocolate.

Charles was the first person to roll the dice. I think he rolled a six. then it was my turn I rolled a two when the dice got back to me I rolled another two then it was Martin’s turn. He was the first person to put on a coconut shells cups”

Then it was my turn and i rolled a six.I said “finally” in my head. I got a six and then i put on the coconut shells cup on. quickly put on a tutu then someone else got a Six.
I felt happy because it was cool Fun the end


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