Thursday, 4 December 2014

first Airplane Trip

Here my reading 1. Explain the job of a pilot they fly plane’s 2. How does Jake and his mum travel to the airport? a. in a plane b. in their car c. in a taxi d. in a bus 3. What does the pilot say to Jake? welcome aboard 4. What does Jake do before the plane takes off? a. has a nap b. takes out Panda c. eats a snack d. buckles his seatbelt 5. Who is Panda? a. Jake's brother b. a large animal c. Jake's pet d. a stuffed animal 6. What does Jake whisper to Panda? i like flying 7. Read this sentence from the story: On the ground, the cars and houses look like toys. What does this mean? a. The cars and houses looked very big. b. The cars and houses looked very small. c. The cars and houses did not move. d. Jake could not see the cars and houses. c

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