Friday, 16 October 2015

My Holiday Highlight

Guess what in the holidays i had to do my chores. my chores were keep room clean,dishes and get the clothes off the line for two weeks. Two weeks later i got 10$ and then i got it. When me and dad got home i played it.

So i played it and i could make my own person.I was a saiyan he had kid trunks super saiyan hair. he had a underneath shirt and that was black.My t-shirt was light blue and his paints was black and the shoes was to.Then i did the first mission i had to fight with goku and piccolo. goku’s brother raditz kidnaped Goku’s son Gohan. My powers are kamehameha, glalickgun, meterblow, full power charge, super kamehameha, super saiyan,super saiyan 2. two days later I get heaps of people and i made a fight. goten vs kid trunks every time goten turns super saiyan he says i’m sorry mum.

Two days later i go to my nana's house and put something on youtube and it's called Nooo but if you are going to watch it you type up Germaine hoeta and it should be the first one up the top but i might put stuff on youtube so it might be somewhere else  

I flet happy because i played my game and put something on youtube

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