Thursday, 10 December 2015

museum trip

guess what the year 5s whent to the museum it was fun the first place we went to the statue place we went to a hawk statue and then we went to a tree hut we could climb it.then we went to this place where there is like a pond place and then there was heaps of fish in it.then we had to run up this big as hill and then we went to the minecraft room and there were these glasses or something? you wear them and then you in minecraft and there was controller like a arcade one. i was trying to do it but you can't see it and then we had to go and then we were trying to find the other class rooms. they were waiting for us at the first part of the museum. then we went in this room with a man named josh we learned about how the insect eats. there was heaps of insect’s eat really really weird. then we had lunch and then we went to random places and like a few minutes later we have to go then when we got on the bus me and my friends played sweet or sour and then one of my friends went to sleep then i went to sleep and then my other friend went to sleep my friend that went to sleep last was the first to wake up and then he woke me up and we both woke my other friend up because we were at school   

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