Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk there is so much Talking people are being so loud. First i saw Mr J as a paint brush and he had a wooden thing on his neck. The wooden thing on his neck hand paint on it he had heaps of colors.

Then we started the assembly. Miss Nua had to be the host for assembly and then team 1 made a movie and it was about there favorite thing and then there was a quiz and the people that go it right got a chocolate and then it was team 2 it was about colors thing it was team 3 it was building and then it was term 4 my team it was like the avengers and they were fighting a teddy bear flash back. The bear took bobby john’s chromebook and left and amacher super heroes the thought they could win next minute they lost and then wondering Women and bat guy and team leader america bat guy said go get Bear Baxendine i save them pow kick bat guy runs up kick  then it was team 5 it was a waka race then that was the end.           


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