Monday, 8 August 2016


Did you know last friday the olympics stated? Well i did. also did you know that skateboarding is in rio olympics? Well my uncle told me i was like yes!! yes!! yes!! cause i like skateboarding i do not know how i got into skateboarding i like skate 3 it's a fun game anyway yes!! For our drawing by the way our drawing means an
animation well we call it e learning. I just said drawing just in case you don’t know what e learning is. I picked javelin so i am going to animate someone throwing a javelin and other stuff like that.

Did you know that some running shoe’s are pretty light so that it can make people faster? Some shoes have spikes but not real spikes. There are spikes under people’s shoes to help them get grip by the way i am talking about splinters if you did not tell from running.

What would you do if you were in the olympics and what would you be in and why. if i was in the olympics i will pick to be in skateboarding because i like it.

Hope you enjoy my little paragraph bye.          

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