Monday, 10 October 2016

im back from being lazy and helping my mum

im back!!!!!!! no!!!! just kidding i want to listen to my music!! and youtube on my hp laptop of course. i could only blog for two days because i went to my uncle's house for the holidays to have fun :). on  the first day i went to burger king and then. got me a burger. oh yea by the way the burger king was in town or auckland city and there is stair's to go down to a time zone. there was a ping pong game there and it was the best game that was in there. my auntie went first she was ok she got five my uncle got 7 and amazing first try from got 8 yay by the way i had a cousin called zayden he a waping 3 sort bad for a seven year old. and yea next try i got nine and i told every one but neck minute i got a warping of 2 next try i acted like i was in basketball so i was i got 10!!!! that was all of the cups                    

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