Friday, 17 March 2017

my first time at polyfest

Have you ever seen a Maori performance at polyfest well i have yesterday or the 16/3/17 . the first place we went to the cop thing i don’t know what to call it.

My first highlight was the Museum part but it was not like a real Museum But there was some people from the Museum. they turt us a dance i don’t know what the name

of the dance was but it was fun.My second favorite part of polyfest was the make your own smoothies

it’s not even called that i think but it was fun so what you had to do was take a quiz and how you are. Whatever you put in the quiz says what you want. While it’s hard to explain but yea.and the put this smoothies thing on this bike and then you just pedal on the bike and it makes the smoothies. The third thing that i liked was getting the goody bag its was cool and it had heaps of cool things in it.

Then we had to go home i had fun it was fun for my first time i can't wait until next year.



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  1. Hi Germaine,
    This is an interesting piece of writing. You are all so lucky you got to go to the Polyfest. I hope it inspires you to take part in Kapa Haka and maybe even perform at Polyfest when you're at college. Did you watch any performances?

    ps. I hope you still have your glasses!

    From Miss Lavakula